1. League Chairman  Hans Plichta
  2. Voting Committee  Gary Daniels, Scott Dziubek, Scott William Unger,  Mark Chandler


 Each player must be at least 60 yrs old within the Calendar Year of the First Match Played.

 Open rating.

 Problems of eligibility will be settled by the league captains.


 Matches played on Thursday  9:30 am.

 Three (3) doubles matches.

 Winner is 2 out of 3 sets; at 6 games all, play 7 point tiebreaker (first one to 7 pts margin of 2).

 One (1) point won for each match won. Maximum winning points available is three (3).

 Match ended by injury results in a retirement to the other team.

 Teams should put their best team at #1 and so forth.


Matches must be completed on the day of schedule unless postponed by weather. Postponed matches must be completed by the end of the season, if practical. Rescheduled date must be agreeable to both captains.

Whatever score both captains agree upon stands.

On an obvious inclement day, HOME captain should notify opposing captain early enough to avoid travel.


 Provides three (3) courts for at least 1  hours each.

 Provides three (3) cans of new tennis balls.


Captains should submit a written lineup to opposing captains before each match.

Captains can verify that all players on opposing team appear on Roster. Any discrepancy should be reported to League Chairman.


 Team complaints should be directed to League Chairman.


Both captains should email or text match results to League Chairman (414) 732-8988 or email lisahansp@yahoo.com.

League Chairman will tally weekly match results and post them along with latest league standings on the MMITL website as soon as possible.

If at the conclusion of the regular scheduled season, two(or more) teams have the identical record(s) and finished in first place, there will be single match, (or round-robin) playoff between those teams to determine the final league champion.


At the conclusion of the season ten (10) league awards will be presented to the team that won 1st place (most wins, not percentage).