1. League Chairman Scott Dziubek
  2. Voting Committee Hans Plitchta, Gary Daniels, Scott William Unger, Mark Chandler


  1. New players must be 48 years or older within the calendar year of the date of his first scheduled match.
  2. New players may also be 65+ years no matter their USTA rating. If player is rated higher than 4.0 the League Committee needs to approve playing status prior to his first match.
  3. 4.0 USTA rating or less, unless player in question has been in this league for one year
  4. Problems of eligibility will be settled by the league committee.


  1. Schedules are published by the Chairman prior to April 7th in order for captains to obtain reserved courts at their respective locations.
  2. Playing season will run from the end of May until first part of August.
  3. Matches are played on Tuesdays, 6 pm start, 15 minutes grace period. If player notifies his captain of problem by 6:15 pm, there will be an additional 15 minute grace period or its a forfeited first set. After 7 pm it is a forfeited match.
  4. Before the match, a captain should contact opposing captain to discuss any roster problems.
  5. Captains should submit written lineup to opposing captain before each match.
  6. Matches consist of four (4) doubles matches, no singles.
  7. Winner is 2 out of 3 sets. At 6 games all, play a 12 point tie breaker (first team to 7, must win by 2).
  8. One (1) point for each match won. Most points a team can win is 4.


  1. Matches must be completed on scheduled day unless delayed by weather or darkness.
  2. If you choose not to play, you get zero (0) wins and zero (0) losses.
  3. If one team wants to play and the other does not, the former gets the win (4-0).
  4. Whatever score is agreed upon by both captains stands.
  5. If captains agree to go indoors, costs are shared equally between both teams.
  6. All matches must be completed by end of August for awarding prizes.


  1. Provides four tennis courts for at least 1
  2. Provides four (4) cans of new tennis balls.
  3. Provides refreshments after the match.
  4. Provides match results (wins & losses) to League Chairman by texting (414) 975-4135 or email gdaniels2gd@gmail.com.


  1. Team roster must be submitted to the League Commitee no later than May 15th.
  2. Open substitution is allowed throughout season.
  3. Any captain using a player outside the leagues player eligibility rules will not only forfeit that match but ALL FOUR scheduled matches for that date!

COMPLAINTS: – Team captain must submit the complaint in writing to League Chairman ASAP. The League Chairman will then poll all captains for their input prior to making decision. Final decision will be made by the league committee.

TEAM STANDINGS: Schedule consists of playing each team two times (8 total matches). Final year end standings will be determined by number of wins, not percentages.

  1. 1sttie breaker will be matches won in head-to-head competition.
  2. 2ndtie breaker will be decided by a match playoff consisting of only 3 doubles matches, or a round robin if more then 2 teams are tied.

AWARDS: – Up to 12 T-shirts will be award to the first place team.