Each Chairman will be assigned a League or League(s) within the MMITL Organization.

This will give them the following Authority and Responsibilities:

Authoritative Powers:

  1. The Chairman has the sole power to settle any disputes or make a ruling on the League that they are the Chairman of, unless:
    1. It involves a team that they play for.
    1. They are outvoted by a Majority of the total number of Chairmen.
  2. The Chairman has the sole power to disqualify a player based on:
    1. Clear definite evidence of playing over level in the 4.0 and 4.5 Leagues.
    1. Playing outside of the given age range of the Masters or Legends
    1. Repetitive Unsportsmanlike Conduct after:
      1. A Statement is made to the Players or Captains involved
      1. A formal written Warning
    1. Any physical abuse of another player.
  3. The Chairman has the final right to decide a score between teams if:
    1. An ineligible player has played (someone who was previously been disqualified)
    1. There is a dispute that both captains do not agree on
  4. In the case of a team no-show, the Chairman can declare the other team the winner, with an individual score that is just a total win of the majority of the points (ie…3-0 for a 5 point league, 3-0 for Masters, 2-0 for Legends)

The Majority of all Chairman have the following Powers as well:

  1. They can implement any of the Powers of the League Chairman with a Majority Vote.
  2. They can override a ruling of a League Chairman if the issue is brought to the attention of the Whole Committee of Chairman and the ruling is over-ruled by majority vote.
  3. They have the Power to Ban Teams, and to bring Back teams that are Banned. 

Chairman Duties: