1. USTA membership is not a requirement of this league.
  2. Five points per team match. Matches are 2-out-of-3 sets with 7-point tie-breakers at 6 games all.
    1. Matches played indoors at 6pm where they have a second match booked later will play a 10 point tiebreaker instead of a full 3rd set.
  3. The following formats will be the standard unless Captains agree to use otherwise.  Any format is accepted as long as the total wins equals 5 for 4.0 and 4.5, and 3 or 4 for the Legends and Masters.
    1. Tuesday 4.0 is 1 Singles / 4 Doubles
    2. Thursday 4.0 and Thursday 4.5 are 2 Singles / 3 Doubles
    3. Tuesday Masters is 4 Doubles
    4. Thursday Morning Legends are 3 Doubles
  4. Players must be 18 years old at anytime in the year. Player NTRP levels are used as a guide for team placement.
  5. No 5-0 defaults, for any reason, are allowed. Two individual matches must be played and the other three can be defaulted. In case of bad weather the schedule match can be moved indoors. However, if this is not possible it can be made up anytime during the season. You must play this match before the last scheduled match.
  6. Individual Defaults must be taken “Bottom Up”, for example #3 Doubles before #2 Doubles, #2 Singles before #1 Singles, etc…
  7. In case of Rain during the match, all matches will resume where they left off, unless otherwise agreed upon by the Captains.
  8. Court time and balls are the responsibility of the home team Captain. The visiting team is the guest of the home team. The home team should bring the beverages. If there is a court conflict, please resolve it between you and the visiting captain. If the match is moved, the listed home team is still the home team.
  9. Standings are based on total team wins. Therefore it is important to play all of your matches. Ties will be broken by head to head competition.
  10. The ITF Rules of Tennis and “The Code” govern play.
  11. Matches begin at 6:00 p.m. unless otherwise specified. The default time is 15 minutes or as agreed, if missing player is coming.
  12. Captains are responsible for reporting scores to their Chairman.
  13. When the Temperature is over 90, all matches played will be voluntary. No one has to play the match on that day. Make up matches can be done as a team or the Captains can set the lineup and have the players arrange their own match. Matches need to be made up before the last playoff match or the last match if there are no play off matches.
  14. All Matches must be played in either Milwaukee, Waukesha, Ozaukee, Washington, or Racine Counties.
  15. Captains must turn in a Initial Roster of all of their Players by May 15th.
  16. New Players may be added by contacting your League Chairman who may decline any player.
  17. The League Chairman or a majority of all League Chairman can disqualify any player who’s NTRP Level exceeds the Level they are playing at.
  18. Players who have played in Division I or Division II College Tennis are ineligible to play in the 4.0 Leagues.
  19. Players who have advanced to either the top 8 Individual Singles or top 4 Individual Doubles in the Wisconsin State High School Tournament are ineligible to play in the 4.0 Leagues.
  20. Captains must exchange the nightly roster of players that are playing before matchplay.
  21. Any player who plays without being added to a team’s roster will have their match defaulted.

Masters Rules

Legends Rules